MenaBev Mega Plant


How We Operate

We have 300 highly skilled people working a variety of shift patterns to safely produce our high quality beverages.
Our 8 high speed production lines, have the capacity for over 150 million cases of product. We fill glass bottled, PET bottles and cans, even bag in box!
Our state of the art logistics facility uses laser guided veh‍‍‍icles to bring packaging materials to the line. There is also a fully automated 37,000 pallet space warehouse.‍‍‍‍‍
We have high environmental standards. We treat both our incoming water and waste water to m‍‍‍ake sure everything we use and return is safe. We are aiming to be a zero waste to landfill facility by the end of 2019‍‍‍‍

Some Facts

The MEGA plant is one of the‍‍‍ largest Pepsi bottling plants in the world covering an area of over 300,000m2
It would take only two hours of production to create a finished goods pallet stack that is One Kilometer high.
The total beverage produced per an eight hour shift is sufficie‍‍‍nt to fill an Olympic Swimming Pool, which has the capacity of 2.5 million liters.